Monday, 30 July 2012

Temple Grandin Interview

This year the joint annual meeting (JAM) kicked off with an interview of Dr. Temple Grandin by Janet Riley of the American Meat Institute.  If you are not familiar with Dr. Grandin's work, it is some of the most challenging and altering to the livestock industry in recent decades.  She focuses on animal welfare and behavior, making the necessary handling and transport procedures less stressful for the animals.

During the interview she answer questions relating to living with autism, animal welfare, making her movie in Hollywood, and getting more and better infomation to consumers and those who need it.

Here are a few great quotes:

"When we've got people who think bacon comes from wheat, we've really got a problem" 

"We need to clean up the house and then electronically open the barn doors and show the public what we do"

Dr. Grandin also said she has hope for animal welfare in the future. It's helpful to talk about bad practices and communicate with public.  This is a theme I've been hearing for several years.  I think that my generation of scientists and farmers is taking this to heart. There is no denying that there are bad apples in the livestock community.  We need to acknowledge that they are there and work to make them better or remove them.  We also need to show the world that most of us are in this field because we genuinely love animals.  We want to show you what we do and why we love it.

From on twitter: Temple Grandin, animal scientist, explains her life and career in JAM opening ceremony

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