Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympics Distraction

Aliaksandr Faminou, Pasians
            Aliaksandr Faminou, Pasians             (Photo credit: Peter J Dean)
I don't know about you, but I'm completely distracted by the Olympics this week.  The eventing competition is finishing up today with two rounds of showjumping.  These horses are amazing athletes, as are their riders.  This morning I came across an article about how the terrain on this year's cross-country course was more likely to result in significant depletion of glycogen stores than in previous years or competitions.  Glycogen is a complex carbohydrates that serves as the main energy source for muscles during anaerobic conditions (short, fast efforts usually; think sprinting).

You've heard of carbohydrate loading?  That's how muscle glycogen is increased.

English: Glycogen bonds
Glycogen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Go here and check out this very interesting and well written read that applies to all animals (even us humans!).

Enjoy!  I'm off to weight in situ bags.

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