Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Worth the Fight

Today the ag blogs have been kept busy with an idea started by Dairy Carrie.  She posted about a new song by The Departed titled Worth the Fight, which inspired her to think about how working in agriculture and agvocating was worth the fight every day, be it against the weather, animal rights activists, etc.  She asked what others in agriculture saw as worth the fight and the response has been amazing!

My roomates.
When I got to thinking about what was worth the fight, my mind went to the fact that I start a new round of experiments next week.  I love my research, but this round will involve being at the farm round the clock for ten days.  I'll be getting up every three hours every one of those nights.  I'll be eating out of a microwave again.  I'll see my steers more than my husband, since he'll be taking care of the house and the dogs.  We'll communicate by phone and email only.  I'll sleep on a cot that's far less comfortable than my bed.

I'll miss these crazy girls!

But every bit of that will be worth the fight against being tired, lonely, and uncomfortable.  At the end of it all I'll be the first to know how fescue toxicosis changes energy use and digestion in cattle.  That's an amazing feeling.  Then, I'll get the chance to tell others what I've larned and use the information to help farmers and ranchers in the southeast produce better cattle on their fescue pastures.

For me, increasing scientific knowledge and providing information to help cattle rachers is #worththefight.

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  1. Great words for many endeavors. Do you have a freezer so you can have ice cream with the microwave meals?

    1. Yes, there is a freezer and I keep it well stocked with ice cream. A girl's gotta have the basics!