Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Quick Introduction

For a while now I've been tossing around the idea of blogging about the "work related" topics that come up in everyday conversation for me.  Now this may not sound thrilling, but remember, I'm an animal nutritionist focusing on cattle.  That means my work related questions can range from "How do I pick the best dog food?" to "Is it true that grass fed beef is better for me?"  And then there are the ones that are only vaguely related to hat I do.  Like my Dad's favorite: "What wine goes best with this steak?"

So, I figure it's time to stop answering the question in individual emails (though I'll still do that to!) and get knowledge out there.  If one person is asking the question, odds are pretty good lots of people are. 

Feel free to ask anything you like, I'll answer as much as I have time for.  If I don't get questions, I'll be posting on topics I think are interesting and things that pop up in the news.  You are very likely to hear about fescue toxicosis, energy metabolism, and digestion in the near future, as those are the focus of my PhD and I have a huge stack of papers I'm working through in writing my dissertation.

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